RESTIR Midtown
March 7 - April 10, 2010
Tokyo`s Fashion 2011 S/S collection
Rikki Kasso / Mihara Yasuhiro

Exhibition Space
Relaunching the Rikki Kasso fashion exploration, Restir of Tokyo, released the exclusive collaboration and accompanying exhibition for Tokyo`s Fashion 2011 S/S collection. 
The ground floor was infused with the artwork and fashion of Rikki Kasso and Mihara Yasuhiro. Large scale ink paintings on wood and paper floated on the walls, beautiful photo prints on acrylic panels hung beside the cryptic collaboration art print t-shirts. The exhibition was displayed for the period of March 7- April 10, 2010.

Photo Book
The exhibition also marked the pre-release of  "Tokyo" a 280 page lyrical photo bible of Rikki Kasso`s infamous photos of Tokyo life. A pre-release book signing was held on the opening night. 

Luxury Tees
The mysterious thought provoking artwork of Rikki Kasso displayed on a fine canvas of spun cotton fashion.

Rikki Kasso, Sex In the City (New York), 2010, sumi ink on wood panel, 250 x 150 cm

Rikki Kasso, Sex In the City (Tokyo), 2010, sumi ink on wood panel, 250 x 150 cm